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  Living with Gaur (8.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Assessing the Effects of Multiple Stressors on the Recruitment of Fruit Harvested Trees in a Tropical Dry Forest, Western Ghats, India (388.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Wetland Painting Competition 2015 (171.1 KiB)  [View online!]

  NTFP Data for Sharing (40.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  The Little Things That Run the World (4.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Indigenous brooms used by the aboriginal inhabitants of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Western Ghats, India, July 2013 (131.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Benefits of Biotic Pollination for Non-Timber Forest Products and Cultivated Plants (725.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Students plant 300 saplings in Kotagiri (190.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  Save Western Ghats Meet (1.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Chief Conservator of Forests Visit to Villages (207.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Elephant Attack - Susheela, Radha and Baby Manoj (282.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Forest Conservation Meeting (51.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Nilgiri Forest Census (277.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Local People to be Aware of Conservation (272.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Photo Exhibition of Save Western Ghats Meeting (857.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Nature Interpretation Centre at Theppakadu (353.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Involve Marginalized Communities in Forest ConservationInterview with Chuck Peters (636.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Theppakadu Interpretation Centre (366.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  An indigenous broom made from Parthenium hysterophorus L. (Asteraceae) (2.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Call to Stop Mindless Destruction of Forests (807.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  Deforestation very high in Western Ghats (254.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Major Wild Edible Plants of The Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve in India (2.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Keystone Sets up Nature Interpretation Centre at Sathyamangalam (1.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  Mutualistic Relationships Involving the Endemic Cycas circinalis L. : Field Notes from the Appankappu Forests, Kerala, India (2.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  The Honey Trees of the Cholanaickens (2.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  Trees Bees Use: Sweet Tamarind (1.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  Nature Conservation is a Thread Woven Well Through Forest Beekeeping (1.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Honey Hunting in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve (2.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Characteristics of Trees Used as Nest Sites by Apis dorsata in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, India (2.5 MiB)  [View online!]

  Bread from the Wild: Cycas cirinalis L.: Endemic Endangered and Edible (2.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Conference on Bees Biodiveristy and Livelihoods (1.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  New Amarambalam Valley: an IBA of Kerala (2.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Field Guide & Nature Interpretation Centre (1.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Ecological Monitoring for Sustainable Forest Management (3.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Bee Diversity Across a Tropical Tract (2.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  Honey Hunters of the Nilgiris: The Road to Sustainability (2.0 MiB)  [View online!]

  Beekeeping & Bee Disease Scenario in the Nilgiris (2.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Natural History Society launched at Kotagiri (571.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Western Ghats Ecology Authority to be set up (298.1 KiB)  [View online!]

  Ecological Monitoring Workshop, Nov 2005, Auroville (2.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  Regional Variation in NTFP Harvest Strategies, Trade & Ecological Impacts.... (736.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Proceedings of Biodiversity Conference - March 09 (16.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Social Bees & Food Plant Associations - Tropical Ecology (1.3 MiB)  [View online!]

Organic Marketing Development

  Keystone Foundation Calendar 2015 (1.0 MiB)  [View online!]

  Seemai Sudhi October 2014 (19.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  Seemai Sudhi September 2014 (15.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Project for beneficiaries at Semmanari and GI certificate handing over to toda womenProject for beneficiaries at Semmanari and GI certificate handing over to toda women Dinakaran 14.06.13 (141.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Project for beneficiaries at Semmanari and GI certificate handing over to toda womenProject for beneficiaries at Semmanari and GI certificate handing over to toda women Dinakaran 14.06.13 (141.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Project fro beneficiaries at Semmanari and GI certificate handing over to toda womenProject fro beneficiaries at Semmanari and GI certificate handing over to toda women Dinakaran 14.06.13 (141.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Toda Embroidery gets GIToda Embroidery gets GI Dinamalar 13.06.13 (237.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  GI certificate for toda embroidery formally handed over to tribalsGI certificate for toda embroidery formally handed over to tribals the Hindu 14.06.13 (220.4 KiB)  [View online!]

  Toda Embroidery gets GI tagToda Embroidery gets GI tag Times of India 14.06.13 (278.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Toda Embroidery gets GI statusToda Embroidery gets GI tag Times of India 14.06.13 (278.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Toda Embroidery gets GI statusToda embrodery gets GI status published in the Hindu on 13.03.2013 (137.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Seemai Sudhi December 2010 (21.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Digital Board set up in Ooty (489.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Impressions of Marketing on the Job (2.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  World Challenge 08 Advertisement (1.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  Indians yet to Taste the Potential of Organic Honey (1.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Dastkar Nature Bazaar at Dilli Haat (2.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Trade & Marketing Issues When Dealing With Tribal Products (2.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  My Favourite Bitter Honey (1.5 MiB)  [View online!]

  Marketing of Honey and Bees Wax (1.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  City of Palaces adds another Green Shop to its kitty (253.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  PGS Leaflet (978.6 KiB)  [View online!]

Indigenous Peoples Programme

  Nilgiri Seemai Sudhi June 2016 (3.0 MiB)  [View online!]

  Reaching Local Actors in Climate Finance (476.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Tribals should accord high priority says Minister Ramachandran (405.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  World Indigenous Day (44.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  World Indigenous Peoples Day (1.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  Alu kurumbas see the need for helping Each Other (732.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Tribals Participate in Honey Festival (1.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Workshop on Tribal Welfare (unknown)  [View online!]

  How the SHG Movement Transformed Nilgiris Adivasis (1.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Efforts on to Revive Tribal Art (464.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Proposal to document Nilgiris Tribal Culture (543.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Skill Upgradation Plan for Tribals (140.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  Reporter's Diary (350.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Tribals Discuss Issues Confronting Them (1.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Documentation & Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge for NTFP Management A Case of Honey Harvesting (432.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge in the Nilgiri Hills (2.6 MiB)  [View online!] (7.0 MiB)  [View online!] (7.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Seemai Sudhi - December 2009 (3.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Calendar of Indigenous people - NBR 2010 (3.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Key Recommendations of State Level Consultation on FRA, Sept 09 (160.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Seemai Sudhi-May 2009 (13.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Seemai Sudhi-Jun 2009 (20.4 MiB)  [View online!]

Environmental Governance

NTFP-Exchange Programme

Finance and Administration

Articles by Keystone Foundation

  Sting in the Tale, July 2013An article in the National Geographic Traveller, India, July 2013 Braving a swarm of angry bees, to research a short story By Sharanya Manivannan Photographs by Eric (1.5 MiB)  [View online!]

  2009/06/no 79: Protected Area Update: "Conference on Bees biodiversity and forest livelihoods in Nilgiris biosphere reserve" (2.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  2008 12 no 4 Organic farming newsletter:National and International Events (1.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Baselines as a part of a dynamic process (4.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  Destroying beekeepers: Thai sacbrood virus (1.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  The swallows and Sweden from a southern perspective (1.5 MiB)  [View online!]

  Case study 3 Land development and revival of traditional agriculture with tribal communities in the Nilgiris (6.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Power transfer (2.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  Enterprise led biodiversity conservation (3.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Honey its up there (5.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  Profile of Combei centre (3.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Profile of Banglapadugai centre (3.8 MiB)  [View online!]

  A trip to Keystone (1.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  Ever busy (1.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  Honey hunting (1.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Participatory certification or the PGS (918.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Learning honey management in Keystone (1.5 MiB)  [View online!]

  More sweet exchanges (1.5 MiB)  [View online!]

  New film on NTFPs in India for release in October (1.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Voices from the forest insert (1.8 MiB)  [View online!]

  A Sweet Taste of Honey (2.8 MiB)  [View online!]

  Swedish magazine Keystone article (2.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  Whats in this issue (1.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  Kota pottery book review (1.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  PGS hold promise for small-holders and NTFP collectors (1.5 MiB)  [View online!]

  Whats the buzz (3.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Honey hunting in India as a way of life (3.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  2009/11/04:The Hindu:Involve marginalised communities in forest conservation" (633.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  2008 :Book Review :"Honey trails in the blue mountians" (1.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  2005/11/29: The Hindu :"Tribal people and preserving prime forests" (1.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  2009:Nonwood News:"Voices from the forest film review" (1.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  2008:IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements):Annual Report :"Giving farmers a new tool for rural development" (1.5 MiB)  [View online!]

  2008-2009: The Nilgiris Adivasi Trust: "About Keystone" (655.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  2009/03:Voices from the Forest: " Keystone makes finals of prestigious World Challenge 2008" (1.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  2009/08/10:The Local:"Faceless fearless honey hunters" (1.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  2009/08/10:The Local:"Pushpinder becomes a volunteer at keystone" (1.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  2009/09/10: The Local : "Green shop opens in Mysore" (1.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  2009/10/11: The Hindu: "Kotagiri biodivrsity festival evokes good response" (537.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Lonely Planet guidebook Kotagiri/Keystone descrption (494.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Climate Resilient Development Synthesis report: Nilgiris case study (829.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Forest Honey and Forest Conservation workshop recordings (1.4 MiB)  [View online!]

Articles about Keystone Foundation

  1June_2017_Forest Rights Act Workshop_Chennai (487.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Saving the sholas to overcome drought, Nilgiris forest communities return to traditional wisdom, 28th May 2017 (946.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Loss of green cover in the Nilgiris highlighted, 22nd May 2017 (188.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  Research site threatens wetland in the Nilgiris, 18th May 2017 (254.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Spearheading water conservation campaign in Tamil Nadu, 16th May 2017 (254.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Programme on problems of tribal people concludes, 10th May 2017 (82.4 KiB)  [View online!]

  Slow and wild wins the race,11th Jan 2017 (80.4 KiB)  [View online!]

  Learning to love the slow, locavore life, 10th Jan 2017 (168.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Mass Cleaning in Kotagiri on the 12th of March (unknown)  [View online!]

  Western Ghats parks and forest map (2.8 MiB)  [View online!]

  Maharastra Mines (98.6 KiB)  [View online!]

  Indian Mineral Leases before 2009 (523.1 KiB)  [View online!]

  Indian Mineral Leases after 2009 (706.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Kotagiri NGO wins Project (645.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Honey Bee Museum Opened (646.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Honey Bee Museum to be Opened Today (266.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Shooting into the limelight (599.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Case Study on Honey Hunting (1.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  I was in Palawan: The Last Frontier (1.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Kotagiri to Host Western Ghats Meet (250.6 KiB)  [View online!]

Save Western Ghats

Appropriate Technology

Water Resources




  New Programme Structure (273.1 KiB)  [View online!]

  Assignments & Consultancies (660.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Assignments__Consultancies.pdf (388.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  06-07_little_drops.pdf (63.1 KiB)  [View online!]

  Assignments & Consultancies (388.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  09Thomas-Tropical_Ecology.pdf (1.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  09Thomas-Tropical_Ecology.pdf (1.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  New Organisation Structure, 2015 (134.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Consolidation and devolution of national climate finance - The case of India- By Anju Sharma, Benito Müller & Pratim Roy March 2015 (1.0 MiB)  [View online!]

  Tree Fall Gap 2011 -2020 (2.0 MiB)  [View online!]

  Blue Mountains Brainstorm for Green Initiatives (151.4 KiB)  [View online!]

  Points raised in Fireside Talk 1 (8.4 KiB)  [View online!]

  Sharp decline in Honey Production (264.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Blue Peace - A Five year Work Plan for Keystone 2010-2015 (602.4 KiB)  [View online!]

  One more consultation meeting needed (156.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Western Ghats Expert Panel Meet (257.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Green campaigners walk out of committee meeting (unknown)  [View online!]

  Western Ghats expert panel to meet in Ooty (94.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  For exchange of ideas and innovations (456.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  List of Thermal Power Stations in the Country (52.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Brochure (94.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Tree Fall Gap (123.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  Impact Assessment 2009-10 (904.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Tribal killed by Elephant near Kotagiri (74.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Clean and Green Kotagiri (247.1 KiB)  [View online!]

  Guinness World Records of Tree Planting (97.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Display of Keystone Products at a Meeting in Sullivan Court Ooty (440.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Solar Fence opened in Siriyur Village (242.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Solar Fencing installed in Anaikatty (290.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  Grassroots Heroes (674.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Ooty gets Electronic Weather Board (275.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Nilgiris Model worthy of Emulation (333.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Press Statement - Min of Environment & Forests Announces Establishment of Expert Panel (175.4 KiB)  [View online!]

  Tribals Urged to Prevent Misuse of Certificates (1,000.6 KiB)  [View online!]

  Conservationist on Panel (103.6 KiB)  [View online!]

  The Honeyhunters of Tamil Nadu: Climbing Through a Period of Change (5.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  Adding Value to Life (2.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  Up South: Tea Trains and Colonial Bungalows (330.6 KiB)  [View online!]

  A Tribute to Manickam (285.6 KiB)  [View online!]

  Keystone Foundation in World Challenge 08 Final (874.6 KiB)  [View online!]

  Foundations Nominated for Social Work (1.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  Grassroots Heros (674.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Green Campaigners to come together to discuss Environmental Issues (1.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Combine Modern Technology with Traditional Ecological Knowedge (674.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Call to Decentralise Planning (917.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Plea to Streamline Sale of Non Timber Forest Produce (253.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Tribal killed by an Elephant (174.6 KiB)  [View online!]

  Alliance for Biosphere Conservation Formed (551.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Of Honey Hunters and Their Habitat (1.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  Life's Simple Pleasures (2.0 MiB)  [View online!]

  Ooty gets Nations first Honey and Bee Museum (477.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  An Action Plan to Save the Hills (1.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  For Sons of Forests (450.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  In Coimbatore Today (77.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  Promote Quality Tourism in Kotagiri (1.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Action plan for Kotagiri (1.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  Girijan Corporation draws up New Plan (542.6 KiB)  [View online!]

  Giant Honey Combs Create Flutter in Coimbatore (1.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Mangoes in the wild (1.0 MiB)  [View online!]

  Bankers asked to Extend Loan Facilities to Women SHGs (1.5 MiB)  [View online!]

  Honey from the Heights (615.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Beyond the Bottom Line in the Nilgiris (1.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Honey its Good to Bee (2.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Grassroots Heroes (1.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  Among the Blue Mountains (257.1 KiB)  [View online!]

  Honey and wax: A Sticky Challenge (2.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Marikodu - a typical village (1.8 MiB)  [View online!]

  The Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve (1.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Conservation, Enterprise & Livelihoods: A Dilemma or a Meeting Point (5.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Western Ghats Expert Panel - Press Note and Office Order (175.4 KiB)  [View online!]

  Proceedings of the Save Western Ghats Meet - Feb 2010 (unknown)  [View online!] (8.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Navigate a Middle Path says Jairam Ramesh (525.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Map of the Western Ghats (1.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Western Ghats Thematic Map Layers (2.0 MiB)  [View online!]

  The Western Ghats Flythrough- Google Earth files and associated documentation (51.6 KiB)  [View online!]

  Buzzing in the Blue Mountains (5.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  Organizational Restructuring (194.1 KiB)  [View online!]

  Honeyhunters & Beekeepers of Tamil Nadu, 1994 (234.7 KiB)  [View online!]

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