The conservation programme addresses questions concerning ecology and management of endemic and economically valuable species, vulnerable habitats and species in the NBR. The focus is enriched by understandings of ecosystem services and linkages between ecosystems, traditional use and indigenous perspectives, and markets and trade. The approach involves applied research, restoration efforts, outreach and knowledge networks with communities, academia and voluntary agencies.

The year in the conservation group set tone to an increased level of interactions with the indigenous communities, decision makers and other stakeholders; through the barefoot ecology programme, exploring payment for ecosystem services, understanding pollinators in agro-ecosystems and human-wildlife interactions. The conservation group set out to explore the cross-linkages between the programme areas at Keystone in-order to achieve effective conservation action.



  Living with Gaur (8.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Assessing the Effects of Multiple Stressors on the Recruitment of Fruit Harvested Trees in a Tropical Dry Forest, Western Ghats, India (388.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Wetland Painting Competition 2015 (171.1 KiB)  [View online!]

  NTFP Data for Sharing (40.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  The Little Things That Run the World (4.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Indigenous brooms used by the aboriginal inhabitants of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Western Ghats, India, July 2013 (131.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Benefits of Biotic Pollination for Non-Timber Forest Products and Cultivated Plants (725.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  Students plant 300 saplings in Kotagiri (190.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  Save Western Ghats Meet (1.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Chief Conservator of Forests Visit to Villages (207.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Elephant Attack - Susheela, Radha and Baby Manoj (282.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Forest Conservation Meeting (51.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Nilgiri Forest Census (277.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Local People to be Aware of Conservation (272.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Photo Exhibition of Save Western Ghats Meeting (857.9 KiB)  [View online!]

  Nature Interpretation Centre at Theppakadu (353.7 KiB)  [View online!]

  Involve Marginalized Communities in Forest ConservationInterview with Chuck Peters (636.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Theppakadu Interpretation Centre (366.0 KiB)  [View online!]

  An indigenous broom made from Parthenium hysterophorus L. (Asteraceae) (2.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Call to Stop Mindless Destruction of Forests (807.5 KiB)  [View online!]

  Deforestation very high in Western Ghats (254.8 KiB)  [View online!]

  Major Wild Edible Plants of The Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve in India (2.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Keystone Sets up Nature Interpretation Centre at Sathyamangalam (1.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  Mutualistic Relationships Involving the Endemic Cycas circinalis L. : Field Notes from the Appankappu Forests, Kerala, India (2.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  The Honey Trees of the Cholanaickens (2.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  Trees Bees Use: Sweet Tamarind (1.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  Nature Conservation is a Thread Woven Well Through Forest Beekeeping (1.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Honey Hunting in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve (2.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Characteristics of Trees Used as Nest Sites by Apis dorsata in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, India (2.5 MiB)  [View online!]

  Bread from the Wild: Cycas cirinalis L.: Endemic Endangered and Edible (2.1 MiB)  [View online!]

  Conference on Bees Biodiveristy and Livelihoods (1.6 MiB)  [View online!]

  New Amarambalam Valley: an IBA of Kerala (2.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Field Guide & Nature Interpretation Centre (1.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Ecological Monitoring for Sustainable Forest Management (3.7 MiB)  [View online!]

  Bee Diversity Across a Tropical Tract (2.3 MiB)  [View online!]

  Honey Hunters of the Nilgiris: The Road to Sustainability (2.0 MiB)  [View online!]

  Beekeeping & Bee Disease Scenario in the Nilgiris (2.9 MiB)  [View online!]

  Natural History Society launched at Kotagiri (571.2 KiB)  [View online!]

  Western Ghats Ecology Authority to be set up (298.1 KiB)  [View online!]

  Ecological Monitoring Workshop, Nov 2005, Auroville (2.2 MiB)  [View online!]

  Regional Variation in NTFP Harvest Strategies, Trade & Ecological Impacts.... (736.3 KiB)  [View online!]

  Proceedings of Biodiversity Conference - March 09 (16.4 MiB)  [View online!]

  Social Bees & Food Plant Associations - Tropical Ecology (1.3 MiB)  [View online!]


Booklets & Papers The Little Thing That Runs The World. A brief, non-technical guide to insects and the diversity of critical ecosystem functions they perform.Manju V Sharma, Rufford Grant Foundation. Indigenous farms and Resilience: a case from the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India. Manju V Sharma, Robert Leo and Mathew John. Submitted to Farm­ing Matters. Montane swamps of the upper Nilgiris, Western Ghats, India: a case for conservation Shiny M Rehel,

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The nursery programme took a new approach this year, focusing its efforts on the centralised nursery at the Keystone campus. The nursery is meant to cater to the local demands from estates and schools for forest species. Over the year we have raised 1078 saplings of seven species and we have sold 189 saplings. The sales of saplings hit a record low owing to the erratic monsoon. At present the nursery has a stock of 3300 saplings of 37 species. In addition to the centralised nursery, there are nu

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Workshops, visits and meetings

  1. Anita attended a workshop on ‘Grass Root Conservation’ conducted by the Sloth Bear Foundation in Bangalore on 26 & 27April 2013.
  2. Sumin attended the Ravi Sankaran Fellows Meet and the Students Conference on Conservation Science in September 2013 at Bangalore.
  3. Trisha Gopalakrishna, an engineering student from Bangalore interned with Keystone from January to March 2014 and she worked on the barefoot ecology programme.
  4. The Traditional Knowledge Fair wa

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Biodiversity Research

Biodiversity and resilience A study to unravel the arthropod diversity in chemical vs organic agricultural farms lying adjacent to forests was conducted in three distinct geographical regions of the NBR – Sigur, Hassanur and Kotagiri. Findings suggest that there is high diversity of parasitic wasps, an important group of bio control agents in organic as well as chemical farms. Nine families of spiders, a critical group of predators of pests,

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Conservation Education

The conservation Education component is one of the main activities of the conservation programme. The education activities are carried out in the villages through village elders, in schools and at the field centres of Keystone. The village elder programme is currently being carried out in 12 villages; there have been 99 sessions over the year. 36 sessions were done across 5 schools and 11 camps were held at 3 field centres. The conservation education programme will be undergoing a process of imp

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Keystone Foundation at the Asia Pacific Forestry Week 2016

11 March 2016, Pampanga: Clark Free Zone in Pampanga, Philippines played host to more than 1000 participants of the Asia Pacific Forestry Week 2016 in February. The participants included members from the scientific community, indigenous communities, social welfare organizations, and government officials from southeast Asian countries. This recurring event, conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and its partners, is a platform for people in

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Nature Education Summer Camp for Children at Pillur

20 May 2016, Pillur: A Nature Education Summer Camp was conducted at Pillur on 13th and 14th May for children of indigenous communities residing in and around the Nellithurai and Sundampatti Reserve Forests. Conducted by Keystone and Nilgiri Natural History Society, the participants mostly comprised of child

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IUCN WCC 2016 – Did you see Obama?

1 September 2016, Hawaii: The IUCN World Conservation Congress has begun. And I know this is what everybody wants to know - did you see Obama? Well... what can I say? We must have met in our spirit because his plane was landing from DC around the same time as mine. His motorcade was taking the fast lane while I was taking a parallel one to avoid him. He came over to the Waikiki at night for a dinner around Waikiki while I was staying at the Sheraton. And finally I should have li

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IUCN WCC 2016- Indigenous spaces

IMG_20160902_1758423 September 2016, Hawaii: There is a lot more discussion in this Congress on the role of indigenous knowledge and people in conservation. I was at a session today morning about the work of The Nature Conservancy in Hawaii to create an alliance called the Hawaiian Conservation Allianc

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