This year saw the merging of two of our programme areas – the Livelihoods programme and the Environmental Governance Programme. This merger situates livelihoods within the larger ambit of environmental governance and strengthens the focus on rights of indigenous people to livelihood resources. The combined programme area will continue to work towards strengthening livelihoods based on the natural resource base, in particular while developing appropriate non farm livelihoods as well, while strengthening spaces for indigenous people in decision making.

The other major change in our strategy this year has been our attempt to de link area teams from particular programme areas. This enables area teams to function with a focus on area development and address cross cutting issues between livelihoods, conservation, culture and enterprise.

  • Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups(PVTG) Forum

    The PVTG are among the Reserve’s most marginalized people. With declining populations, low rates of literacy, high morbidity, these communities are often overlooked due to scattered nature. Even though they are only about 2% of the total population of the area, 7 of India’s 75 PVTG reside in the Nilgiris ...

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  • Supporting Community – based Forest Governance

    In this context, there are two highlights for the year. The first is that we supported the submission of claims to community forest resources by the villages of Sen¬galcombai, Kavalcombai and Joghicombai. The second is our support to the Hosapodu Gram Sabha in Punanjanur, Karnataka to help them set up a ...

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  • Exposure visits

    Four exposure visits were organized for community members during the year to encourage peer learning as also inputs from resource persons. 10 members from Banagudi and Kodanadu visited the Avalanche Eco tourism Management Committee in Avalanche in Nilgiris South Division. 10 farmers from Pillur visited Mr Mohan Kumar, an organic farmer in ...

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