Keystone Foundation is a Not for Profit Organization, registered as a Trust under the Indian Trusts Act,1882. It is a charitable trust, recognized under section 12-A and 80-G of Income Tax Act 1961. Keystone Foundation is an Eco-Development initiative which is working with the Indigenous Communities for more than 20 years in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.Its mission is to enhance the quality of life and the environment with the Indigenous Communities using Eco-development Approaches. It works on a range of topics like Apiculture, Land & Waste management, Water and Sanitation, Community Empowerment, Bio-Diversity & Restoration & Livelihoods.

Each programme is built to directly contribute to the overall well-being of the Indigenous communities and the environment.It nurtures three organisations; Last Forest Enterprises Pvt. Ltd which works towards developing fair trade markets for rural and small enterprises, Aadhimalai Pazhangudiyinar Producer Company Ltd, which is a tribal producer company managed solely by the indigenous communities and Nilgiri Natural History Society that works towards a participatory approach to conservation through outreach programmes. These organizations work together to increase social cohesion within indigenous communities and strengthen the natural resource production base while protecting biodiversity in the NBR.

Subject Areas

                    Livelihoods & Environmental Governance

  1. Forest Rights Act & Community Forest Resources – understanding & application of the Act
  2. Process Documentation & Report Writing skills
  3. Social Surveys – tools & methodologies
  4. Local Capacity Building – needs identification process
  5. Indigenous Tribal People and Communities issues – specifically for forest dwellers and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups


  1. Ecological Monitoring – community based and scientific
  2. Pollination ecology
  3. Entomology – insect biodiversity
  4. Bee Ecology & Apiculture
  5. Hill Waters & Wetlands survey, mapping and assessment
  6. Human-Wildlife Conflict and management

                Training & Communication

  1. Web design and web contents
  2. Geographical Information System and application to different sectors
  3. Monitoring & Instrumentation for weather and climate change
  4. Newsletters – Internet & hard copies
  5. GIS Mapping & Data Analysis – Training

               Field Expertise

  1. Landscape management – nurseries of useful native plants, water management, drainage
  2. Renewable energy technologies – solar dryers, solar air heaters, honey processing equipment, Non-Timber Forest Produce value addition and processing technologies

              Last Forest Enterprises Private Limited

  1. Setting up a social profitable enterprise for natural resource products
  2. Business plans and enterprise development training – hands-on – Green Shops management
  3. Product Development & Research
  4. Linking up with National & International networks and partners for exchange, incubation of ideas and hybridization of institutions

          Nilgiri Natural History Society

  1. Natural History Education
  2. Mountain Trails
  3. Conservation Education

        Aadimalai Pazhangudiyanar Producer Company

  1. Village Enterprises in Natural Resources
  2. Production Centres Development at the local level
  3. Product development, trials, and research

 Other skills

  1. Event Management
  2. Coffee Roasting
  3. Running shops – village and town
  4. Recreation – ambience, talks, walks, and reflection
  5. Mountain stay and idea incubation sessions
  6. Futures and Present discussion on the Conservation – Enterprise – Livelihoods triangle
  7. Tree planting
  8. Beekeeping
  9. Waste water treatment locally
  10. Carpentry
  11. Proposal Writing
  12. Presentation & Negotiation Skills
  13. Administration, Finance & Accounting Skills – FCRA and RC
  14. Rammed Earth Construction & Ecologically Friendly Housing & Campus
  15. Traditional Foods and catering
  16. Crafts & Textiles – apparel, design, and clothing

Backgrounds of key personnel – Education & Experience

  1. Ecology
  2. Botany
  3. Entomology
  4. Communication
  5. Finance & Accounting
  6. Rural & Business Management
  7. Personal Secretary
  8. Social Welfare
  9. Economics
  10. Rural Development
  11. Environmental Diplomacy
  12. Development Science
  13. Anthropology
  14. Natural History

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Keystone Foundation
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